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AYL SoundFit Bluetooth Speaker Review

The AYL SoundFit seems to be one of the few bluetooth speakers out there that don’t exaggerate when they claim that you will absolutely love them. If the bunch of customer reviews the AYL SoundFit got are anything to go by, you’re definitely going to be amazed with the sound quality it brings to the table.

There seems to be absolutely no doubt that it’s a great product, but exactly how great it is? Well, let’s find out below.

Exceptional Sound Quality

Many of its customers have mentioned that what the sound quality the product came with was well beyond their expectations. Now this is saying something, given that many other speakers in this price range actually end up disappointing customers, especially after all the big claims they make.

However, this one doesn’t exaggerate in the slightest when it says that you will love it. In fact, it even offers to refund your money if you’re not satisfied with it. This just shows how confident the seller is when it comes to their product’s quality.

AYL SoundFit

Regardless of where you use this speaker, inside or outside your home, the powerful 5W audio driver produces incredibly loud sound. More importantly, however, it’s the clarity and the “balance” of the sound that will amaze you, as it’s simply beyond something you get at this price.

Similarly, unlike many other speakers in this price range, you can actually “feel” the bass being there. Another great thing about it is that despite being SO loud, there’s literally no distortion, which is simply amazing.

Great Battery Life

This little beast of a speaker will give out 12 hours of great music with just 3 hours of charging. Being a bluetooth 4.0 charger, it does more for less, and the battery life is no exception.

IPX 5 Certification

Perhaps the seller was determined to ensure that their product literally doesn’t leave anything to be desired, and so they even made it waterproof with an IPX5 certification.

It’s certainly going to work great in the shower, and may even easily survive any accidental drop in the water.

Final Words

The AYL SoundFit also comes with some other features such as being compatible with pretty much any device out there, easy to pair, tough and durable and more.

Finally, we can surely conclude that you really get a great bang for your buck with the AYL SoundFit.

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