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Cambridge OontZ Angle Original Bluetooth Speaker Review

As the name suggests, the OontZ Angle Original is perhaps the oldest version of the manufacturer’s popular bluetooth speaker. While that means that it obviously doesn’t have everything the latest version comes with, it also means that this one costs significantly less.

It’s actually a great speaker all the same, and though not as good as the Angle 3XL, it’s probably one of the best ones in its price range.

With that being said, let us find out below whether it’s still a great option, especially for the price.

Sound Quality

As one of the customers mention in their review, you must really be kidding yourself if you’re expecting Bang & Olufsen quality from such a low-priced speaker. That said, it doesn’t sound cheap in any way.

Cambridge OontZ Angle Original Bluetooth Speaker

In fact, for the price, the sound quality is probably the best you can get. The bass is a little weak, but it’s there. It’s also reasonably loud, and more importantly, doesn’t compromise on the clarity at higher volumes.

For a low-priced speaker, the highs are pretty clear and the mids are quite “warm”. It may not sound “that” loud outside, though, as it’s not really designed to be an outside speaker.

However, this can easily be taken care of by adding in an equalizer, which makes it sound considerably louder and gets rid of whatever little distortion you get at higher volumes.

Surprisingly Good Battery Life

The Angle Original comes with a rechargeable battery life that offers 10 hours playtime. However, it apparently lasts up to around 20 hours at certain volumes, and given that it’s quite loud, it should last you well over 10 hours.

For such a low-priced speaker, the battery life is indeed fairly impressive.

Build Quality

Surprisingly, the Angle Original doesn’t compromise on the build quality as well. It’s lightweight, but is still sufficiently sturdy and well-built.

Cambridge OontZ Angle Original Bluetooth Speaker

The top, bottom and sides have a rubber-ish feel to them, which not only adds to the durability, but also makes the speaker look great.

A Couple of Flaws

Well, although only a few customers mentioned about facing some problems with the speaker, we think it’s still important to point them out.

Firstly, connecting and reconnecting may be a little slower for some devices. However, it doesn’t take annoyingly long, either.

Secondly, and more importantly, some customers complain about the metal piece in their USB charger coming out, which means that they are no longer able to charge it. However, it probably means that you need to be a little careful while using the charger, though only a few customers seem to be complaining about it.

Final Words

You get pretty much everything you can’t really expect in such a low-priced speaker with the Angle Original. What more, it even comes with in-built mic (for hands-free calling), AUX-in jack (for non-bluetooth devices) and is also waterproof.

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