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Captain Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Captain bluetooth speaker is a surprisingly affordable speaker that comes packed with many great features in a small, compact body. It’s a bluetooth 3.0 speaker, and is capable of offering a connectivity range of as much as over 10 meters.

Let us now go through some of its pros and cons below.

Incredibly Powerful Speaker

There seem to be many decent bluetooth speakers even in the low price range, but unfortunately, most of them are rather disappointing when it comes to being loud. Many of them may be good for indoor use, but definitely not for outdoor use.

Captain Bluetooth Speaker

With that being said, the Captain bluetooth speaker is the best selling in the “car speakers” segment, and probably for a reason. There tends to be a lot of outside noise while driving, and hence a speaker has to be really loud to be good to be used as a “car speaker”.

The Captain bluetooth speaker comes with two 3.5W acoustic drivers, which is perhaps better than a single 5W driver or even a 10W one, as it helps it be as loud as it is.

However, despite being so loud, the sound is clear and soft on the ear. The bass is clean and deep as well.

Great Design and Build Quality

The Captain bluetooth speaker comes in a sleek, stylish design, with the ABS cover making it shine in bright environments.

The build quality is pretty solid as well, and it definitely looks sturdy enough to last a long time. The great looks and build quality make it look way expensive than it actually is.

A Whole lot of Extras

The Captain bluetooth speaker also comes with many additional features, and we will be quickly going through them below.

  • Multi-interface support allows you to connect your device using bluetooth, audio cable (that comes with it), a micro SD or TF card, and even a radio
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Built-in microphone and FM radio
  • LED display
  • Buttons for everything, adding to the ease of use

Battery Life

The battery life is perhaps the only let down, or probably one of its least impressive features. With a playtime of just 5 hours, the Captain bluetooth speaker surely isn’t the best on this front, even in this price range.

That being said, some customers do claim that the battery life is just as good as well, and lasts around 8 hours. So it probably comes down to the volume you play it at.

Final Words

The Captain bluetooth speaker is surely a great sounding speaker that actually offers a LOT for the price. This is especially true given the many additional features it comes with.

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