Photive HYDRA Bluetooth Speaker Review


Well, we think that the best way to introduce you to the Photive HYDRA is sharing the review posted by one of its customers.

The customer said that they gifted the speaker to their father-in-law, and their home was destroyed by a tornado the next day. To their amazement, however, they found it in the wet rubble, and it was in a PERFECTLY WORKING CONDITION. Basically, as the customer mentioned, it “literally” survived a tornado!

Well, if that isn’t a sign of an amazingly high-quality product, we don’t know what is. With that being said, let us take a look at the other features of this little beast of a speaker called the Photive HYDRA.

Photive HYDRA

IP66 Certification

It only makes sense that a speaker that survives a tornado comes with a strong certification for its quality as well. The IP66 certification means that the Photive HYDRA is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and more.

It also comes with a rubberized rugged exterior, which further increases the resistance to dust and water.

Sophisticated System Offers Jaw-Dropping Sound Quality

The seller does justice to the product when they say that it comes with “jaw-dropping” sound quality. Honestly, we couldn’t put it any better.

The Photive HYDRA is an advanced bluetooth 4.0 speaker, and boasts a really sophisticated system. It’s equipped with a passive subwoofer coupled with the two 3.5W premium drivers. There aren’t many speakers out there in this price range that come with a passive subwoofer, and this alone makes it stand out.

The sound is tremendously loud and the bass is very rich and clear. More importantly, however, it’s the clarity of sound it produces that you will be really impressed with. It’s amazingly clear and there’s literally no distortion or noise.

Photive HYDRA

Battery Life

While the seller claims that the Photive HYDRA comes with a battery life of around 8 hours, some customers feel it’s actually drastically higher. In fact, one of the customers mentioned that they bought the speaker in November, and used it a few hours daily, several days a week. To their surprise, however, the battery didn’t run out for as many as around 4-5 months, which is really amazing.


A Final Word

The Photive HYDRA also comes with many other impressive additional features.
Finally, we would like to add in that a particular customer compared it to their Jawbone Jambox (that costs around $200) and concluded that they would take the Photive HYDRA over it any day.


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