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SoundPal Cube F1 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The SoundPal Cube F1 is one of the best budget bluetooth speakers on the market that don’t really compromise on the sound quality. While you definitely won’t get the same powerful bass with this product as you would with one of the high-end speakers out there, some of its customers do mention that the bass it produces will surprise you for the price.

So if you’re looking to buy a great budget bluetooth speaker, read on to know more about its features.

Small Speaker with Big Sound

The SoundPal Cube F1 is a really compact and highly portable bluetooth speaker, boasting a size as small as a coffee cup.
However, with a sound output of 5 Watt, the sound it produces is really quite loud for its size. It’s still pretty clear, though, and won’t get annoying when you turn up the volume to its max level.

SoundPal Cube F1 Bluetooth Speaker

The bass frequency would surprise you as well, and a particular customer mentioned in their review that the overall sound quality is as good as their other speaker costing around $250.

Reasonably Good Battery Life

The built-in 850mAh Li-ion battery it comes with is rechargeable, and this alone managed to really impress many of its customers.

It offers a playtime of around 6-8 hours, which is reasonably good for a speaker coming with such a modest price tag.

Great additional features

Additional features in a “budgetspeaker? Yes, the SoundPal Cube F1 does come with a few great additional features, and yes, it’s indeed quite surprising.

Perhaps the best one is the micro SD card slot, which supports any (micro) SD card of up to 32GB. This is definitely something you wouldn’t expect for the price, especially given that even some of the more expensive speakers out there don’t come with a micro SD card slot.

Then there’s also the audio cable that allows you to connect your device to the speaker even if it doesn’t has bluetooth.

Similarly, you can also use it to answer your phone using the controls it comes with to answer and hang up the call.
Finally, the bluetooth connection range is surprisingly large as well, and it should have no problem connecting to any device within 30 feet.

Final Words

The SoundPal Cube F1 is really a great little budget bluetooth speaker that seems to be quite impressive all-round.

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