Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker Review

While the SoundLink Mini was a great bluetooth speaker and earned many loyal customers for Bose, it had some flaws too. Basically, the SoundLink Mini II simply improves on all those flaws. Furthermore, however, it even improves on the features of the Mini that were already great and managed to impress a really large number of customers.

Simply put, the SoundLink Mini II may be termed as an improved version of one of the best bluetooth speakers out there. So without further ado, let’s get to the improvements and other features below.

The Improvements

One of the major and much needed improvements the Mini II comes with is the micro USB charging port. You had to use the customer charger in the previous version, which was a little annoying especially while travelling.

Similarly, the Mini was a little less functional as there weren’t enough buttons to control the music from the speaker without using your device. The Mini II, however, gets around this as well by coming with a multi-function button that allows switching and pausing songs from the speaker.

Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker

The bluetooth range is longer as well in the Mini II, and this simply means more stability, which too, used to be one of the minor downsides of the Mini. Also, the battery life has improved considerably as well, and it now offers up to 10 hours playtime.

There’s also a voice prompt for telling you about battery life increments instead of the LED in the previous version.

Truly “Bose-Quality” Sound

If you’re someone who hasn’t tried the Mini, expect to be blown away with the sound quality of the Mini II. It’s absolutely in line with Bose’s standards, if not better.

It sounds great and clear even at higher volumes, thanks to the great sound output. Something that will really impress you, even if you had owned the Mini or other Bose speakers, is that the lows are surprisingly powerful for such a small speaker.

Coming to the bass, a customer mentioned that they could feel the bass vibrations running through their kitchen countertop, and another one saying that the bass is best among all the portable speakers they have had so far.

Final Words

The Mini II is also very well-built (though slightly heavy), looks very stylish, easy to use, very functional, and comes with hands-free calling.

Finally, the Mini II probably has everything you can expect in this price range and perhaps a bit more.

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