DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The DOSS bluetooth speaker is one of the less popular ones on the market, but is certainly a strong competitor to some of the popular ones out there. It comes with the latest bluetooth 4.0 technology, and a unique feature that makes it automatically connect to the last connected device.

Let us take a look at its other features to find out whether it’s a better option than the more popular speakers out there.

Incredibly Loud Bluetooth speaker

Incredibly Loud

While there are definitely some reasonably loud speakers in this price range, this one takes it to a whole another level. The two powerful 4W drivers produce an incredibly loud sound, enough to reach every corner of large living rooms. Similarly, it would turn out to be loud enough for outdoor use, too.

It also comes with a bass passive radiator, which is quite a unique feature at this price. This means that there’s also some nice bass to it, and the lows will be taken care of most of the time.

The only thing where it doesn’t turn out to be as impressive is handling the lows at higher volumes, while playing bass heavy songs. However, all you would need to do is decrease the volume slightly, and it would probably sound just as good.

Very Well-Built and Durable

While the design of the DOSS bluetooth speaker isn’t the most attractive out there, it’s certainly very functional and has a premium feel to it.

It’s also made using high-quality materials, making it one of the more durable bluetooth speakers out there. While the top and bottom part of the speaker is high-quality plastic, the grill is solid metal.

It’s also a little heavy and very sturdy. A customer mentioned they dropped it 4 feet off a counter on a slab floor and it still didn’t got damaged in any damage, including not even getting a scratch.

Long Playtime

The longest playtime you can find in this price range is perhaps around 12 hours, and the DOSS’ built-in rechargeable 2200 mAh battery offers exactly that. This means that the battery life is pretty much the best you could get for the price.

Final Words

Finally, the DOSS bluetooth speaker being very durable and producing very loud sound makes it a great all-round bluetooth speaker for both indoor and outdoor use.

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