PLUSINNO Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review | Siri-Google Now Integrated

The PLUSINNO bluetooth speaker is one of the advanced ones out there and comes with the latest technology. It offers many unique features that are pretty much non-existent in this price range.

Surprisingly, however, the sound too is pretty loud and clear, the speaker itself is quite durable.
That being said, let’s take a deeper look at some of these features.

Siri/Google Now Integrated

This is quite a unique feature that not many bluetooth speakers out there come with, including the high-end ones.
The PLUSINNO bluetooth speaker allows you to integrate Siri and Google Now with it, meaning that you will be able to use the speaker as your personal assistant with the click of a button.

You can not only make it play music by “speaking” to it, but also ask for a weather update or navigation, basically exactly how you would use those personal assistant apps.

The AUX-Out Feature, NFC Support, and Other “Extras”

The PLUSINNO bluetooth speaker also works as a bluetooth receiver. It can transport the music being played to your other devices to using the AUX-out feature.
Similarly, it also comes with NFC support, so if you have got a device that supports NFC, the speaker will automatically pair with it.

The other additional features include the 3 play mode, allowing you to play music using bluetooth, the AUX audio cable, as well as a micro SD card. It’s also water resistant, but can only withstand splashing and shouldn’t be submerged in water.

Exceptional Battery Life

Exceptional Battery Life

The battery life too, for the price, is really exceptional. It offers 12 hours of continuous play at half volume, which decreases to 6 hours playtime at full volume.

However, some customers feel that it actually offers around 12 hours playtime even while being played at more than half volume.

Highly Durable

The PLUSINNO bluetooth speaker comes is very well-built and sturdy. The overall look and feel of the speaker is great, and shows that it’s a truly quality product.

The outside part of the speaker has got a soft feel to it, with the sides offering a great grip so that it doesn’t slip out, especially while travelling.

The front and back cover is made out of metal, which really doesn’t leave anything to be desired on this front.

Like adding bluetooth to your car

Clear, Loud Sound

Well, you may be surprised at sound quality being discussed last, but honestly, the PLUSINNO bluetooth speaker comes with way too many interesting features that are worth noting.

Anyway, if the customer reviews of the product are anything to go by, the sound quality is great too. It’s loud enough to fill the house, and great for outdoor use.

The sound is also very clear, and the bass, thanks to the bass driver it comes with (another unique feature!), is surprisingly deep and rich. There’s also no distortion even at full volume.

Final Words

If you’re looking for an advanced bluetooth speaker without spending a lot, it’s definitely something you would want to consider.

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