UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

The UE BOOM is one of the few bluetooth speakers out there that give the Bose ones a run for their money, both in terms of popularity and features. In fact, it comes out on top when compared to most of the popular Bose speakers out there (though it also depends on your preferences).

And that’s saying something, given that the Bose speakers are considered the best in class.

With that said, let us take a look at exactly what it brings to the table, and how it fares against some of the other best selling speakers on the marketing, including the Bose ones.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is the obviously the most important feature of any bluetooth speaker, so let us start off with it.

Simply put, the BOOM produces a very well balanced, clear and loud sound. A great (or disappointing?) thing about it is that the bass isn’t heavy, which is common with some Bose speakers.

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

That said, if you’re looking for an overwhelming bass, the BOOM isn’t for you. However, if you’re not obsessed with bass, and looking for a great overall sound, by all means, the BOOM is perfect for you.

The sound quality is as clear as it gets, even at higher volumes. Similarly, it’s “unbearablyloud, and most times, you wouldn’t need to turn up the volume more than 70-80 percent, as it gets way too loud for human ears.

Finally, let us add in that the sound quality is very similar to the SoundLink II, which costs around $100 more.

Amazing Design

Besides looking very stylish, the BOOM’s design is also very functional and practical. As the seller claims, the unique design helps it be a “360-degreespeaker, and it creates a 360-degree music experience, meaning that you can hear it equally loud and clear in all directions.

This is a big advantage over many other similar speakers out there that sound very good only when you’re in front of them.

The small, compact design also makes the BOOM very portable.

Best in Class Battery Life

The battery life would easily last 14-16 hours at around 60% volume. However, as mentioned above, the BOOM is incredibly loud, and you usually wouldn’t want to go above 60% anyway.

Final Words

The BOOM is also water and stain resistant, but you shouldn’t submerge it. The lows, mids and highs are great, too, and as mentioned above, it produces a really well balanced sound.

With that said, if you aren’t a huge bass fan, the BOOM surely wouldn’t fail to impress you.

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