ZENBRE Z3 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The ZENBRE Z3 is a bluetooth speaker that will appeal particularly to bass lovers, as the bass is really its strong feature. Besides that, it also comes in a very sleek and stylish body, and the design is quite unique as well.

There’s actually a lot more to talk about it, so let’s get to it below.

It Got Bass (for Real)!

While there are many bluetooth speakers in this price range that have a decent sound quality, with some even being quite loud and fit for outdoor use, there are hardly a few that have some bass to them.

This is one big drawback of most speakers in the price range, and obviously quite disappointing for the bass lovers out there.

ZENBRE Z3 Bluetooth Speaker

That being said, if you’re one of them, you would surely want to consider the ZENBRE Z3, particularly for the strong bass it comes with. Unlike the other speakers, you can actually “feel” the bass, with the low frequency tones being pretty clear as well.

Apart from that, the sound produced by the double 5W speakers is also pretty loud and clear. Again, another thing that you don’t really find in this price range, but going to get with the ZENBRE Z3, is that the sound is crystal clear even at higher volumes.

Great Design

While you find many different designs in this price range, the ZENBRE Z3 boasts a more elegant, beautiful, and more importantly, straightforward one. The sensitive touch buttons in the middle of the speaker look great and add to the functionality, thanks to being easy to control.

ZENBRE Z3 Bluetooth Speaker

Then there’s also the high-quality ABS cover reflex, which makes it shine in bright environment and more durable.

Talking about durability, a particular customer mentioned in their review that they dropped the speaker from about 10 feet on concrete floor, but it just got a small scratch. That speaks volumes about the level of durability it comes with.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The 1800mAh built-in rechargeable lithium battery comes with a playtime of about 10 hours, which is relatively good in this price range.

Other Features

Some of the other features of the ZENBRE Z3 include:

  • Built-in microphone for conveniently easy hands-free calling
  • Micro USB charging, as well as the option to play using bluetooth, AUX-in, FM radio and TF card
  • Connects to most bluetooth devices seamlessly
  • Great bluetooth range

Final Words

Perhaps the only feature it lacks is being waterproof. However, if you’re not looking to use it as a shower speaker, the ZENBRE Z3 should be a great, stylish option, especially for the bass lovers out there.

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